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Historic Concert by Ethiopian Nun Pianist & Composer in D.C.መሀሙድ አህመድ Mahmoud Ahmed in israel:: I.E.T.V
Category article


From Jerusalem with Love: The Ethiopian Nun Pianist - See more at:
Category article


Dr. Ashenafi Kebede - Ethiopian Conductorðnomusicologist : Part 2/4
Category video


Ashenafi Kebede
Category article


Dr. Ashenafi Kebede – Ethiopian conductor & ethnomusicologist
Category video


St. Yared – the great Ethiopian composer
Category Article


Eritrean Music & Musicians[Music of Eritrea
Category youtube/article


Ethio-Eritrean Football[ Pictorial History of Eritrean National Football Team 60s and 70s[ Joker shares Eritrean Football History with Naz of Voice of Eritrea
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Abdallah Abubaker Chats with Naz of Radio Voice of Eritrea and Yitbarek of Radio Aserna Osman Abdelrahim talks with Naz Yemane and Yitbarek G_Tensae Osman Abdelrahim [part 2Eritrean Music Interview: Eritrea Police Orchestra

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merHaba 17 Oct 2014 Eritrean Music History Interview Ato Berhan Seghid Eritrean Music Interview with Mikele Rico - Merhaba Asmarina Asmarina
Eritrean Music Interview with Engineer Asgedom - Saba SabinaEritrean Tv Show merhabi [መርሃቢ] 2014

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The Sun of Eritrea Tsehaytu The Sun of Eritrea Haile GHebru The Sun of Eritrea and The Master of Lyrics Yemani Barya [The Sun of Eritrea Beney Habte [ the-king-of-charism and The Sun of Eritrea Osman Abdurahim [The Sun of EritreaBeyene Fre The Krar Genius
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The Sun of Eritrea Memhir Alamin [The Legendary Alamin Abdullatif
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Memhr Asres Tesema![ገዱም ስነ ጥበበኛ መምህር ኣስረስተሰማ
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Mekalih Guayla መቃልህ - ጉዋይላ
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Embilta: [Eritrean History: Interview with Abdelwaki Beker and Haile Gebru about the first Eritrean Zerai Deres Band – Deki Policia presented by EriTV Merhaba Journalist Asmerom in the United Staates.
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MaTA Gallery [Ghirmai Kidane (Wedi Filipo):
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Amleset Abay One of the First Eritrean female Singers [Naz hosts 4th Interview with Yitbarek Gebretensae ][Naz hosts 4th Interview with Yitbarek Gebretensae ][Naz of Voice of Eritrea chats with Negusse Haile Mensaay [Idris Wed Amir the great Eritrean poet [Biography of Idris Wed Amir - the great Eritrean poet - song by Mohamed A. Albetelly to honor him [Tesfamariam Kidnae – Pioneer of Eritrean Sax Tecle Adhanom Hiwket – “Wizard of the Guitar” [Ato Ateweberhan Segid – Symbol of Lyrical Resistance [Tebreh Tesfuhuney a Musical Visionary [“Love for one country is Incomparable” Eritrea’s Tsehaytu Beraki
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Stella Ghebru & The 1st Eritrean Marching Band Tiblez Tesfamichael Eritrean Actress from the 1940s – Italian Movie Eva Nera [ [ Antonello Venditti Dalla pelle al cuore 2015 [ZEUDI ARAYA Italian And Eritrean Actor Interview
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Zerai Deres Band [Yosief Yohanne [THE FLAMES" Tenor Sax Daniel Aklil[The Highlanders Band - Asmara 1969
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Eritrean Football Player in Ethiopian National Football Team in 1962 – African Championship [Naz of Voice of Eritrea chats with Negusse Haile Mensaay : [Radio Voice of Eritrea speaks to Negusse Haile Mensaay : [Naz hosts 4th Interview with Yitbarek Gebretensae :
መስኮት ሌላ ተበርህ ተስፋሁነይ Category facebook


A history of Eritrean music, from revolutionary funk to viral pop [መስኮት ሌላ ተበርህ ተስፋሁነይ
Category youtube


ታሪኽ ስነጥበብ ሃገርና ካብ 1940ታት ብ'ይትባረክ ገብረትንሳኤ P-1
Category ebook


The Legendary Alamin Abdullatif [Eritrean Music History Interview with Memhir Alamin Abdelatif and Aja Girmay [Alamin Abdullatif

Category youtube


Interview with Abdelwaki and Haile About First Eritrean Zerai Deres Band - Part 2
Category youtube


ንዝኽሪ ገዲም ስነ ጥበባዊ ኡዝታዝ አልአሚን አብደለጢፍ ዝተዳለወ መደብ
Category ebook


Alamin Abduletif: A Lover, A Poet, A Patriot
Category ebook


Abubaker Ashekih, 'Sendelay
Category ebook


Mesobna: መሳጢ ታሪኽ ድምጻዊት ተበርህ ተስፋሁነት ብደራሲ ቢንያም ዮስየፍ።
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Ghirmay Solomon
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