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id Research Topics/ Projects Brief Description Years
0001 The Horn of Africa Project This project investigates the economic dimensions of conflict and cooperation in the Horn of Africa.  2007-
0002 Capacity Building for the newly-formed Diaspora Ministries in Africa This programme has been initiated to respond to the capacity deficit which is currently affecting the performance of the emerging Diaspora Ministries in many countries in Africa.  
0003 ETHNOMAP Initiative is a two phase project "EthnoMap (I) and EthnoMap (II)" that brings together various disciplines to define ethnographic, social and political evolution of the region. The project focuses on the changes in demographic patterns in the Somali peninsula  
0004 Agricultural Research for the Horn of Africa The Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers is a new entity established to lead, coordinate and support the International Centers that are part of the CGIAR  
0005 CGIAR Research Program on livestock and fish This vision of this CGIAR Research Program (CRP) is for the health, livelihoods and future prospects of the poor and more 2011-03-05
0006 Research Methods on Cross-Border Trade in the Horn of Africa

Paper prepared for the Cross Border Trade and Food Security Study 1998
0007 Interlocking crises in the Horn of Africa - Commons Library Research Paper This paper looks at recent developments in the Horn of Africa, where there are a number of protracted and interlocking crises at work read more 2008
0008 New initiative to support agro-pastoralists in Africa’s Horn The new initiative supported by the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) research program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) To find out more about CCAFS  
009 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Ethiopia Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015  


The Horn of Africa Research and Knowledge Exchange Platform
The Horn of Africa Research and Knowledge Exchange Platform
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