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The Golden Age of Western music in the 1950s,1960s and 1970s
compiled by Resoum Kidane



Title and brief description


Jim Reeves in 1964[Welcome To My World [This World is not my home [Where Do I Go Shepherd Jim Reeves love songs Jim Reeves Greatest Hits Full Album Sweet Memories Vol.18, Jim Reeves
Category video clip and audio


[ROSES ARE RED Walking In The Rain I Can't Stop Loving You I Won't Forget You Four Walls


[Am I Losing You [After Loving You[ADIOS AMIGO[My Cathedral My Happiness Distant Drums
Category audio


[Silver Bells[Io di Notte [With God on Our Side (Live 1966) [Street Where You Live (1958) [Let Me Be With You
Category audio/video


Que Sera Sera [Beautiful Dreamer [Where Have All The Flowers Gone[More Than I Can Say [Perhaps Love JOHN DENVER & PLACIDO DOMINGO [ Isn't She Lovely & Sunshine Of My Lif
Category video clip


When I Fall in Love[ Waltzing On Top Of The World [ Woman in love [ Runaway [Honey[[Bert Kaempfert - African Beat[[Nana Mouskouri - Mama ( with Lyrics )[[Nana Mouskouri[[Nana Mouskouri
Category audio


The Very Thought of You" Nat King Cole Autumn Leaves[FASCINATION Adiós Mariquita Linda [ Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro (English lyrics translation)
Category video clip


LOUIS ARMSTRONG ~Blueberry Hill What a wonderful world [Mack The Knife - 1959[La vie en rose[King Of Jazz [Louis Armstrong - Someday
Category video clip


JULIO IGLESIAS/Ama Davvero Innamorarsi [hey [ un giorno tu un giorno [Quiereme[A Galicia [Julio Iglesias 25 Exitos Romanticos [innamorarsi alla mia eta [Julio Iglesias & Mireille Mathieu
Category vidio clip/audio


[CHI È STATO [DIVIDILA CON ME[UN SENTIMENTALE[Se Tornassi[ Me olvide de vivir [ Julio Iglesias O Me Quieres O Me Dejas [[ Momentos-Julio Iglesias
Category audio


HELLO- NEIL DIAMOND [Sweet Caroline [Song Song Blue[Cracklin' Rosie 1971 [California Dreamin'
Category audio


Demis Russos Goodbye my love [Forever and Ever[ My friend the wind, 1973 [Say You Love Me [Eleni [Johnny Tillotson - Poetry In Motion [[Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again (lyrics)
Category audio


Black is black [LADY IN RED [In the ghetto [Poetry In Motion[The Voice of Love/Johnny Nash [ Spanish Harlem
Category audio/video


Unchained Melody[In The Misty Moonlight [Volare-An Evening in Roma [Buona Sera [Jiving Rockabill][Starfighter Rock & Roll June 1st 'Rock around the Forum- 2' - NORWICH [ [James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968) [James Brown "Soul Power"

Category audio/video


Arrivederci, Roma - Mario Lanza' [Dean Martin - In Napoli [Sway [Bella Bimba [That's Amore
Category audio


Little Richard 1964) ["Long Tall Sally [tutti frutti [ Real 1950s Rock [ The Twist [Come on Let's go [Quizás, quizás, quizás - Nat King Cole
Category audio


Andy Williams-1964[Love story [Never Walk Alone,1966) [Feelings (1975) [ Moon River 1960's [ Kenny Rogers [ [Jennifer Rush - Power Of Love
Category video/ audio


Guarda che luna/1962[Falling in love [Amore Adios[Nat King Cole/Arrivederci Roma [LADY D'ARBANVILLE [[Dalida Pour Te Dire Je T'Aime live
Category audio/video


Bambino/1957) [Love in Portofino [Glen Campbell - Galveston[FLEURS [ Mona Lisa [Fly me to the moon [Richard Harris MacArthur Park
Category audio


Dalida Ciao Amore Ciao Luigi Tenco 1967[Romantica [Ti amo [COME PRIMA (1958) [AMOUR (1957)
Category audio/video


[Chanson d'Orphée[Ballata del marinaio [ Dalida e Luigi Tenco ] [Po D'amore ] [He's My Brother [Little man[[if lovin you is wrong i don't wanna be right [[My Mistake.
Category audio/video


[Hotel California [Massachusetts [Vietnam War[It Never Rains In Southern California [Mississippi [Starship - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Category audio/video


Three Cigarettes[Não chores por mim ArgentinaEvita Documentário [I say a little prayer [I will survive [Dream Lover [Vic Damone - You're Breaking my Heart [Just Say I Love Her - Vic Damone
Category audio/video


Coat Of Many Colors [BONEY M. 1979 [Runaround Sue Stand By Me [Country Roads[Rose Garden [Papa [Bonnie Tyler It's A Heartache
Category audio/video


Rivers of Babylon [San Francisco [YMCA ] [Rainy Night In Georgia [Beautiful Sunday[ My way[ Harry Nilsson - Without You 1972 ] "On the Street Where You Live" Vic Damone ] "Vic Damone - Hits (Full Album)] VIC DAMONE - ETERNALLY
Category audio/video


Cyndi Lauper [DALIDA Come prima[Don't Have To Say You Love [Garde moi la derniere danse [Ronnie Hilton no other love (1956) [ VIC DAMONE - BEGIN THE BEGUINE [ Vic Damone - Hits (Full Album) Ronnie Hilton no other love (1956) [Believe (Cher album) [[Chris De Burgh - The Revolution
Category video clip


Rock N Roll Pop Superhits Of The 50s ,60s and 70s [ This is my song [Love Never Dies[[Jerry Vale - This Is My Song (1967) [visages de l'amour [Cyndi Lauper [Sunny[Nina Simone Feeling Good
Category audio


[Secret Love[Stand By Your Man[My Little Corner Of The World [The Wonders You Perform [Caterina Valente Du bist wunderbar [ La paloma [ Mireille Mathieu - A Santa Maria [ Paper Roses Anita Bryant [ I will survive - Gloria Gaynor
Category audio/video

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