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Mohamed Suliman
The Inversion  of  Ethnicity  from Pereception  to Cause of  Violent Conflicts The case of the  FUR and NUBA conflicts in  Western  Sudan, by Dr Mohamed Suliman
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Date 1993
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Coverage area Sudan ; Nuba Mountain
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The complexity and variety of causes, perceptions and manifestations of group violence baffles rational thought. Complex social processes and phenomena, themselves dependent on a multitude of objective and subjective factors do impart uncertainty to the course of violent conflict as well as to our attempts to understand and judge it as actual behaviour of actual people.

On first approximation, violence seems to be an irrational, chaotic behaviour par excellence. It defies the rational and practical principal that in case of dispute over conflicting interests, cooperation is, in the long term, the most rewarding course of action. Yet history is replete with incidents of violence. Violence is irrational but not incomprehensible. We now know that irrationality and chaos do show inherent order that allows us to discern some repetitive patterns and that chance and necessity are indeed woven together. Even in the realm of the social, the inherent inner necessity articulates itself in from of chance. It is not surprising, therefore, to find that in the very complex area of social violence, the objective has not been totally overrun by the subjective and that familiar patterns and similar traits may become discernible.

Thus, we may not be able to fully understand the rationality of social violence at the level of individuals, but we have a better chance in discerning some of its design and part of its scheme as the collective behaviour of a large number of people."

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Note A Contribution to conflict International Workshop Bern July 8 - 11 1997
Conflicts -Fur and Nuba
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