Secondary education


cgr0001 GCSE Chemistry 1- Balancing Equations

cgr0002 GCSE Chemistry 2- The Atomic Structure

cgr0003 GCSE Chemistry 3- Isotopes

cgr0004 Structure of Atom

cgr0005 What are Atoms ?

cgr0006 Protons, neutrons and electrons

cgr0007 Anatomy of the Atom: Chemistry Lesson

cgr0008 Isotopes

cgr0009 Ionic Bond

cgr0010 Covalent Bond

cgr0011 Covalent Bonding

cgr0012 Ionic and covalent bonding animation

cgr0013 Ionic and covalent bonding example

cgr0014 Junior Chemistry: Chemical Bonding 1

cgr0015 Junior Chemistry: Gases 4

cgr0016 Junior Chemistry: Gases 5

cgr0017 AP Chemistry: Gases 1

cgr0018 Introduction to Gases 2

cgr0019 Gas Pressure Conversions

cgr0020 Charles’ Law

cgr0021 Boyle’s Law

cgr0022 3 Chemistry Gas Laws: Boyle’s, Charles’, and Gay-Lussac

cgr0023 Gay Lussac’s Law Calculation Example 3

cgr0024 Introduction to Gay Lussac’s Law Pressure Law P

cgr0025 Combined Gas Law

cgr0026 Ideal Gas Equation: PV=nRT

cgr0027 Stoichiometry

cgr0028 Balancing Chemical Equations

cgr0029 Balancing chemical equations

cgr0030 Five Major Chemical Reactions

cgr0031 Video on atomic structure


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