Secondary education

Geometry for ks 4

ks40001 Congruent and similar shapes

 ks40002 Parallel lines

ks40003 Circles

ks40004 Circles – Higher

ks40005 Polygons

ks40006 Area and perimeter

ks40007 Pythagoras

ks40008 Angles – Foundation

ks40009 Converting measurements

ks40010 Shape, space and measure

ks40011 Pythagorean Triples – Advanced

k40012 Teaching Pythagoras

ks40013 Word Problem Exercises: Pythagorean Theorem

ks40014 Circles: Chords and Angles

ks40015 Circles, arcs, chords, tangents

ks40016 Geometry Circles

ks40017 Intersecting Chords, Their Arc and Angles

ks40018 Circle

ks40019 Relationship Between Central Angle and Inscribed Angle

ks40020 How To Find if Triangles are Congruent

ks40021 Geometric Constructions

k30022 How do we prove triangles congruent?

ks40023 3D shapes – Higher

ks40024Volume of Cones and Pyramids 128-4.14

ks40025Theorems and Postulates for Geometry

ks40026 Non-Euclidean Geometries

ks40027Non Euclidean Geometry

k40028 Euclid and High School Geometry

ks40029 The Future of Secondary School Geometry

ks40030 Geometry: Coursework Description

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