Secondary education

Parallelines, straight line graphs and gradients FOR KS3

ks30001 Parallel Lines on a Graph 

ks30002 Straight line graphs (parallel)

ks30003  Learn how to graph a parallel line through a point

ks30004 Parallel line to y = 4x – 5 on a graph 

ks30005 Linear graphs and parallel lines – Corbettmaths

ks30006 Maths – Algebra – Straight Line Graphs (y=mx +c)

ks30007 Straight line graphs : plotting y=3x-2

ks30008 How to draw a straight line graph using the gradient

ks30009 Straight Line Graphs –

ks30010Straight line graphs and equations 1

ks30011 How to draw a straight line graph

ks30012 Graphing Linear Equations

ks30013 Calculating the Gradient of a Straight Line

ks30014  Gradient

ks30015 Gradient of a line-Slope of a line.

ks30016Working out Gradients from a straight line graph

ks30010 How to calculate the gradient of a straight line

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