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The purpose of developing this website for E-learning resources for School is to provide an extra  educational material support which could be used for learning and teaching by school children and their parents respectively.   Parents will find this website very helpful for the achievements of their children who are studying in pre-school, primarily, secondary and post secondary levels.

Since the early 1990sthe teaching styles and learning behaviour of the school children have changed completelyas a result of the rapid development of information and communication technology such as broadband connection which speeds up the growth of internet access and services.

As a result of the above development, in the age of Google there are considerable free E-learning resources available from the internet which has contributed greatly in stimulating the motivation of children to exploit these resources for learning purposes. The growth of internet access and services has also  encouraged professionals  to participate actively in  preparing  learning material and delivering  E-learning courses either  on subscription or free of charge.   

However, accessing these materials and using them effectively becomes sometimes difficult for the children particularly, and parents generally.    This is mainly due to the overloaded information which is very time consuming for parents in finding and obtaining appropriate e-learning resources for their children.

In light of the above,  the main objective of developing this site is to organize systematically  the E-learning resources  which are available on  the  internet  to make it much easier  for  school children and parents to  use  the  E-learning resources .  Learning at home is very powerful driver for making more effective what the children learn at school. Needles to say, this will enhance the academic achievement of the children, securing a bright future and career.

The resources of this website are mainly links to educational materials which are published by various organizations/institutions and individual people.   To make easy their accessibility in a  user  friendly interface , the resources of this website are organized according to the age of children’s learning levels which range from early  educational age three, to post secondary educational of age 16 ( this includes  all Key stage levels of education  from  one to five including SATs, GCSE and A-level exam papers and other relevant resources).

Although it is very difficult to include all subjects in school curriculums, the main subjects are focused on this website; English (Literacy Reading, Writing and Literature), Maths  ( Numeracy, Algebra, Geometry and  Trigonometry), General Science include Chemistry, Physics and  Biology. There is an access main entry to all of them from the main menu and navigation bar.

There are additional subjects and other resources related to education on the right hand side of the website. For science students who are currently on their final A-Level exam, it would be good if they visited this website  www.harep.org  to gain an overview for their future science study in higher education.

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