Primary education

Spelling ks2

ks20001 Top 4 Spelling Rules
ks20002 A List of 26 Common Suffixes in English
ks20003 A List of 35 Common Prefixes in English
ks20004 Punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
ks20005 Prefixes
ks20006 Suffixes
ks210007 Commonly Misspelled Words
ks20008 Top Ten Spelling Rules
ks20009 KS2 Spelling lists
ks20010 Year 6 Spelling Summary
ks20011 Year 6 Spelling Programme
ks20012 Prefixes[Youtube]
ks20013 Y 3/4 Spelling Appendix
ks10014 r 8 Unit 1 – Shape – Lines, Angles, Shapes and Constructions
ks20015 Year 3/4 spelling list


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