Primary education


cc.No Primary Education -Key Stage 1
ks10001 Types of noun
ks10002 Nouns, Proper Nouns & Name
ks00003 Adjectives
ks10004 Adjectives: Feelings
ks10005 Adjectives:Weather
ks10006 Comparing Adjectives 1
ks10007 Comparing Adjectives 2
ks1008 Adverbs, Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs
ks00009 Revising Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs
ks10010 Adjectives.
ks10011 Noun Adjective Adverb 
ks10012 Adjectives: Adding er, est [1]   [2]
ks10013 Adjective poems
ks10014 comparative adjective.
ks00015 Verbs
ks10016 Exciting verb
ks10017 Verbs that are the same or similar.
ks10018 Prepositions
ks10019 Pronouns
ks10020 Exciting verb
ks10021 Nouns, Verbs or Adjectives.
ks10022 Conjunctions – ‘and’ or ‘but’
ks10023 Nouns Resources
ks10024 Verbs (Doing Words)
ks10025 Sentence Level Worksheets and Resources


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