Post-Secondary education


CHEMO0001  Chemistry: Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

CHEM0002  AS and A Level Practical Work

CHEMO0003 Chemistry GCE AS and A Level Specification

CHEMO0004 AQA AS level Chemistry course

CHEMO0005 AQA A2 Chemistry course

CHEMO0006 Chapter1: Atomic Structure

CHEMO0007 Chapter2: Atomic Structure(more detail)

CHEMO0008 Chapter 3: Radioactivity

CHEMO0009 Chapter 4: Chemical bonding

CHEM0010 A Level chemistry in perspective

CHEMO0011 Module 1 – Atomic Structure, Bonding and Periodicity (54 quizzes)

CHEMO0012 AS/A2 Chemistry – Version 3.2

CHEMO0013 AS/A2 Chemistry – Version 3.2

CHEMO0014 Nuffield Chemistry- Advanced Subsidiary GCE (Nuffield) (8086) and Advanced GCE (Nuffield) (9086)

CHEMO0015 OCR Chemistry- Advanced Subsidiary GCE (3882) and Advanced GCE (7882)

CHEMO0016 Salters Chemistry- Advanced Subsidiary GCE (Salters) (3887) and Advanced GCE (Salters) (7887)

CHEMO0017 Avogadro’s Number Tutorial

CHEMO0018 Balancing Equations Tutorial

CHEMO0019 Molarity Tutorial

CHEMO0020 : A’ Level Biology

CHEMO0021 Electronic configurations-animation

CHEMO0022 Ionization Energy- nice tutorial

CHEMO0023 Periodic Table Tutorial-Beware of GROUP numbers, through

CHEMO0024 Mass Spectrometer

CHEMO0025 Simple Chemical Bonding/ Periodic Table- video

CHEMO0026 Bonding Tutorial

CHEMO0027 Covalent and Ionic Bonding- Some good animation

CHEMO0028 Formation of Ionic Compounds- nice tutorial

CHEMO0029 Addition Polymerization- nice tutorial/

CHEMO0030 Free radical Substitution

CHEMO0031 Nice Intro to Organic Chemistry

CHEMO0032 Organic Chemistry Summary/

CHEMO0033 Organic naming


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