Post-Secondary education

KS5: For A Level Biology :RDA, RNA, Ribosome and Protein synthesis

compiled by Resoum Kidane

BIO0001  Ribosomes and Protein Synthesis

BIO0002 RNA and Protein Synthesis

BIO0003 Protein synthesis in the cellular factory

BIO0004 A Level Biology Revision: Protein synthesis 1

BIO0005 Protein Synthesis

BIO0006 Translation: DNA to mRNA to Protein

BIO0007 How DNA controls protein synthesis

BIO0008 DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis - Quick A Level Revision

BIO0009 A Level Biology Revision: Protein synthesis 1

BI00010 Ribosomes and Protein Synthesis

BIO0011  Protein Synthesis

BIO0012 Protein Synthesis

BIO0013 Translation (Protein Synthesis)


BIO0015 Protein Synthesis

BIO0016 Protein Synthesis - Resources, Questions and a Quiz

BIO0017 RNA and protein synthesis review

BIO0018 Protein Synthesis

BIO0019 Ribosomes Structure and Functions

BI0020 Nucleus and ribosomes

MET0021A-level Amino Acids

MET0022DNA and Protein Synthesis

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