History and tools of economic analysis

1 .Lecture Notes 2 - History and Tools of Economic Analysis

2.History of Economic Analysis |

3.The Vital Tools: How Economic History Complements 

4 Tools of Economic Analysis (With Diagram)

5.Major Tools For Economic Analysis (Explained)

6.Some Tools of Economic Analysis

7.Basic Tools of Economic Analysis (part 1 of 2) - YouTube

8.Basic tools of Economic analysis Pt 2 | Economics | SS1 | 2nd Term

Demand, Supply and equilibrium

1.Concept of Demand and Supply

2.Supply and demand | How does The Law of Supply and Demand work?

3.The Laws of Demand and Supply

4 What are the Determinants of Demand? | Explained | Demand and Supply | IB Microeconomics

5.Theory of Demand Part 2. Determinants/ Factors Affecting demand | 11th Micro Economics 2021-22

Elasticities and taxation

1.Elasticity and Tax Incidence (Chains of Reasoning Revision ...

2.Elasticities and Tax Incidence - YouTube

3.Tax Incidence and Elasticity - YouTube

4.Price Elasticity of Demand and Indirect Taxes | Economics

5.Relationship to Price Elasticity of Supply and Demand

6.Lecture Notes 6 - Elasticities and Taxation 

7.Lecture Notes 5 - Elasticities and Taxation -

8.Lecture 16 Income Taxation – YouTube

Cost structure and perfect competition

1.Perfect Competition: Examples and How It Works - Investopedia

Y2 13)

2.Perfect Competition - YouTube

3.How price is determined in perfect competition - YouTube

4.Perfect Competition: 3 Examples of the Economic Theory - 2022

5.Lecture Note 1: A Review of Perfectly Competitive Markets

6.Economics Lecture Notes – Chapter 6

7.Lecture Note#3 Market Structure and Pricing 

Perfect competition

Monopoly and imperfect competition

1.Understanding Perfect vs. Imperfect Competition - Investopedia

2.Understanding Imperfect Competition I A Level

3.Perfect and imperfect competition

4.Intro to Imperfect Competition- Micro Topic 4.1 (Part 1 of 2)

5.Monopolies vs. perfect competition (video) - Khan Academy

6.Monopolistic Competition: A Review of the Market Structure

7.Monopolistic Competition

 National income accounting

1.What Is National Income Accounting? How It Works 

2.National Income Accounting in Economics

3.National Income Accounting - Purpose in Economic Analysis

4.GDP: Measuring national income - Khan Academy - YouTube

5.National Income Accounting - Video & Lesson Transcript

6.Lecture Notes on National Income Accounting

7.Lecture Notes 12 - Introduction to national income accounts 


9.National Income Accounting - Overview, Equation, Methods

10 National Income Accounting, Part I

Theories of economic growth

1 Economic Growth Impact & Theory - Video & Lesson Transcript

2,Theories of Economic Growth 

3,Level II Concept: Theories of economic growth -

4.What is Modern Growth Theory

5.Alternative Theories of Economic Growth and Inflation 

6.A New Theory of Economic Growth

7.New Growth Theory

8.Explaining Theories of Economic Growth

9.Keynesian Economics Theory: Definition and How It's Used

10.Theories of Growth - Classical, Neoclasical,

11.Economic Growth Impact & Theory

12.Growth and development theories

13.Contemporary Economic Growth Models and Theories

Fiscal and monetary policy

1.A Look at Fiscal and Monetary Policy 

2.Business and Fiscal and Monetary Policy

3.Fiscal & Monetary Policy - Macro Topic 5.1

4.Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy - Difference and Comparison

5.Fiscal and Monetary Policy 

6.Analysing and Evaluating Expansionary Fiscal Policy

7.Monetary Policy - The Bank of England | Economics

8.Monetary Policy - How does raising interest rates contro

9.Macroeconomic Policy Revision

10.Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Closed and Open Economy 

11.lecture 2: monetary and fiscal policies

12.Chapter Twelve: Lecture Notes -- Fiscal Policy -

12Level I CFA: Economics: Monetary and Fiscal Policy-Lecture 1

The  Balance of payment  AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE


1.Balance of Payments in Global Transactions

2.Exchange Rates: Impact of a current account deficit

3.What is the Balance of Payments & Exchange Rates

4.Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange 

5.foreign exchange markets and balance of payments deficits

6.What Is the Balance of Payments

7.Balance of payments: Current account

8.Balance of payments theory of exchange rate


10.Balance of payments and flexible exchange rates

11.Balance of Payments - Lecture Notes 


13.Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Dynamics


15.The Balance Of Payments