Ph.D Dissertation Titles | List of Thesis 

1.Evaluation of the demobilisation and reintegration programs of ex-fighters in Eritrea/Amanuel Mehreteab

2 Reintegrating returnees and ex-fighters in the process of reconstruction in Post-Conflict Eritrea/ Amanuel Mehreteab

3.Transitional Justice: Framing Model for Eritrea /Daniel Rezene Mekonnen

4.Student Selection and Retention at the University of Asmara, Eritrea / Tekie Asehun Leonida

5.Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Group-Based Lending / Habteab Tekie Mehrteab

6.Ethiopia's foreign policy under Emperor Haile Selassie I: An Appraisal   [0010}

11. Designing anti-corruption strategies for developing countries: a country study of Eritrea/ Yemane Desta, [0013]


1.Site-specific characterization, modeling and spatial analysis of sub-soil compaction (hardpan) for precision agriculture on Southeastern US./ by Mehari-Zewde Tekeste,Ph.D

2 Improvement of traditional acacia senegal agroforoforestry
3.Ecophysiological characteristics as indicators for tree-crop interaction on sandy soil in western Sudan
/ Abdalla Gaafar Mohamed

4 Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Resources:
5.What is the Future of Land and Sea-based Shrimp Farming in Eritrea
/ Kifle Woldesilassie Hagos

6 Sustainable Aquaculture Development and its Role in Food Security and Economic Growth in Eritrea: Trends and Prospects [article]

7. Effectiveness of agricultural development training program: the cases of teff and livestock farmers of Alaba Woreda southern Ethiopia  [0012]

8. Determinants of adoption of improved haricot bean production package in Alba special woreda, southern Ethiopia [0014]

9. Agricultural information networks of farm women and role of agricultural extension: the case of Dale woreda, southern nations,nationalities & peoples' region [0015]

10. Restoration of the native woody-species diversity, using plantation species as foster trees, in the degraded highlands of Ethiopia [0016]

11. Operational analysis of the Cascaded Wadecha-Belbela Reservoir System in Ada’aLiben [0017]

12. Studies on cattle milk and meat production in Fogera woreda: production systems, constraints and opportunites for development by Belete Anteneh Tariku. [0018]

`13  Performance of coffee marketing co-operatives and members' satisfaction in Dale district, southern Ethiopia Agriculture (Agricultural Marketing) by Demeke Tilahun [0019]

18. Characterization of milk production system and opportunity for market orientation: a case study of Mieso distric, Oromia region [0020]

19.  Institutional analysis of water management on communal irrigation systems in Ethiopia: the case of Atsbi Wemberta, Tigray region and Ada'a woreda, Oromiya region [0021]

20. Impact assessment of rainwater harvesting ponds: the case of Alaba woreda, Ethiopia [0022]

21. Dererminats of adoption of improved box hive in Atsbi Wembera district of eastern zone, Tigray region [0023]

22  Efficiency of livestock feed resources utilization and forage development in Alaba woreda, southern Ethiopia [0024

 Assessment on Livestock Feed Resources and Utilization Practices in Derashe Special District, Southern-Western Ethiopia: Status, Challenges and Opportunities [article

23. Adoption of small ruminants' fattening package in agropastoral areas, Meiso wereda Eastern Oromia [0025]

24 Production and marketing systems of sheep and goats in Alaba, southern Ethiopia [0026]

25  Analysis of the role of cooperatives in agricultural input and output marketing in southern zone of Tigray [0027]

26  Beef cattle production system and opportunities for market orientation in Borena zone, southern Ethiopia [0029] \

27 Women's access to and control over land in the current land administration system in two rural kebeles in Ada'a woreda of Oromia region  [0030

28. Analysis of red pepper marketing: the case of Alaba and Siltie iniltie in Snnprs of Ethiopia/ Rehima Mussemam [031]

29   In Situ characterization of local chicken ECO-TYPE for functional traits and production system in Fogera Woreda, Amhara Regional State /Bogale Kibre [0032]

30 Dairy services delivery in Debrezeit milkshed of ADA’A District, Cenral Ethiopia: analyzing options to develop pluralistc service delivery in the dairy sector/Anteneh Girma Haile [0033]

31. Social networks and diffusion of agricultural technology: the case of sorghum in Metema Woreda, North Gonder, Ethiopiar//Dessalegn Molla Ketema [0034]

32, Assessment of feed resources and rangeland condition in Metema District of North Gonder Zone, Ethiopia/Tesfaye Desalew [0035]

33. Comparative study on the performance of dairy cooperative Input and output Marketing In Astbie Womerta, Alamata and Enderta woreda In Tigray Region Ethiopia/Almaz Mesfi

34 Demlterminants of smallholder farmers access to formal credit: the case of Metema Woreda, North Gondar, Ethiopi [0037]

35Access and utilization of agricultural information by resettler farming households: the case of Metema Woreda, North Gondar, Ethiopia/ Daniel Tadesse [0038]

36 Characterization of smallholder poultry production and marketing system of Dale, Wonsho and Loka Abaya Weredas of Southern Ethiopia/Mekonnen G/Egziabher Muhiya [0039]