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Overview: Finding useful reference information for research from the internet is easy but there is high probability of getting large amounts of irrelevant information from the search results.
There are of millions of resources available on the Internet. The haerel website provides easy access to these resources by organizing them into eight main disciplines. Health Science section is one of these disciplines.   This section provides access to wide range of inter disciplinary abstracts, full text articles, reports, surveys.
As can be seen below the resources of the Health Science   have broad subject coverage from electronic journals, ebooks, websites and videos [You tube].  

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Health Science : Subject coverage


Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical& Organic Chemistry,Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Pharmacology,Neuropharmacology ,Drugs acting on the digestive system, Immunopharmacology, Endocrine Pharmacology; Drugs acting on the reproductive organs,Renal pharmacology,Pediatric Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical biotechnology,Pharmaceutical biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Drug delivery systems, Drug Design and Synthesis, Molecular Pharmacology, Biochemistry Pharmacology

Medical Sciences

Microbiology, Epidemiology, Anatomy& Physiology, Biochemistry , Nutrition science,Cytology/Histology,Embryology,Immunology,Endocrinology,Enzymology ,Neuroscience &Neurophysiology,Biostatistics,Medical physics,History of Medicine,Surgery,Biomedical Innovation,Ophthalmology

Clinical Sciences

Clinical Laboratory [Urine Analysis, Haematology Analysis]; Clinical Chemistry [Immunodiagnosis,Clinical Biochemstry,Clinical Enzymology], Clinical Microbiology [Bacteriology, Parasitology]; Body fluid Examination [Cerebrospinal fluid pressure,Body Fluid Analysis]; Diagnostic imaging [Medical Radiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Bone Densitometry,Tomography (CT), Electrocardiographic(ECGElectroencephilcgraphic(EEG),Ultrasound Images] EBM & Iris Diagnosis [Evidence-based medicine,Iris diagnosis];Pathology [HistopathologyToxicoPathology, Tissues Analysis,Sub specialties [Pathology],Urine Analysis,Haematology Analysis]

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine(General), Immunology/Endocrinology Disorders,Gastroenterology Medicine,Hepatobiliary Medicine,Blood Disorder Disease,Pulmonology Medicine,Nutritional Diseases,Cardiovascular Diseases,Genitourinary Diseases,Genetics, Medicine & Diseases,Connective Tissue Diseases,Obstetric &Gynaecology,Neuro-Psychiatry,Degenerative disease

Tropical Medicine

Infectious &Tropical diseases,Malaria,Leishmaniasis,Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,Parasitic Diseases,Childhood Diseases,Sexually transmitted Disease, HIV/AIDS

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, Energy Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Mental Healing

Health Care

Health care,Reproductive Health,Mental Health Care,Service Delivery,Colonial Healthcare,Healthcare Professional

Health& Culture

Culture, Health and Illness,Female Genital Mutilation,Traditional Birth Attendants,Concepts of Health,Traditional Medicine

Health Systems              

Health System, Health Information Systems, Health Policy and Planning,Referral Systems

Public Health  

Health Promation, Sanitation and clean water, Nutrition and diet, Epidemiology, Degenerative disease


Intensive care nursing, Maternity and Pediatric nursing,Urological nursing,Psychiatric nursing,Neurological nursing,Gynecological nursing,Cardiovascular nursing,Nursing Pharmacology,Nursing knowledge.

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