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by Pasquale Santor

When we talk about Universities in Asmara, we immediately think about the one founded by the Nigrizia's Roots in 1958 but maybe we ignore the other prestigious medical university.
The war ended in 1941, a group of doctors under the guidance of the well-known Dr. Vincenzo di Meglio, they promote the creation of a medical school at the university level. They initially used a section of F high school. Martini and they used to practice at the Regina Elena Hospital.

One of the founders, along with Dr. Di Meglio was professor Paolo Guerra together with professors Mattia Sforza, Filippo Sofia and Emanuele Sorge, all experts in tropical medicine.
The faculty had teachers badges such as Professor Mario Manfredonia, Cesare Greppi, Antonio Musso, and Fratelli Silla.

The faculty was open to everyone with a high school diploma and a perfect knowledge of Italian. The final exams were held at the Italian University that had recognized their excellence. There have been many heritreans who graduated in Italy studying in this faculty.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provided scholarships for the most deserving so they could complete the courses in Italy. The faculty worked in tight synergy with the Italian hospital and with the Sierovaccinogen Institute which worked in scientific research with surprising results like the isolation of the tracoma virus.
From that faculty, doctors came out such as writer-explorer Nicky Di Paolo and Mario Ruffini author of the book "The Duce Has Hurt Himself" which describes all the historical events of that period in the Horn of Africa.
Many of those teachers were primary schools in different private clinics and several of them gave birth to us.

The INAIL of Asmara had advanced equipment with radiologists that had graduated through the medical school. Unless in the 50s, the medicines were produced directly in the laboratories of these medical institutions.
British and Americans if they wanted to take care of themselves well they would go to one of these structures, as Emperor H.S. used to do.

Source https://italiacoloniale.com/2022/02/08/la-facolta-di-medicina-di-asmara/



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