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This history and analyzation of the Tigrinya language is false and only tells a small portion of Eritrean history. But not the whole story. Especially for the tigrinya speaking people of Eritrea. We have multiple origins. When you identify the origins and lineages. That is where you find the truth. There is no one clear origin. The migration pattern is not all the same. Within Eritrea and Tigray there are so many accents and dialects of the tigrinya language you cannot simply categorize it into two. But Eritreans and Tigrayans both like to fabricate and change history for political benefits today. The truth is Tigray and Tigrinya speakers of Eritrea share a common history and language.

Secondly, this notion that tigrinya up north is a purer tigrinya than our brothers in the south because they are closer to amharic is a false. For example the word Hawi which means fire in tigrinya is only in tigrinya but in Amharic and places in Tigray particularly the southern part of tigray use the word Issat for fire. But if you studied Ge'ez you will notice that the word for fire is not Hawi but Issat. How is it many of the verbs and structure of words in Amharic is almost more closer to Geez in most cases than Tigrinya. Anyone who has a basic understanding of Geez and Amharic will notice that Amharic almost appears to be closer to Geez than tigrinya. Then only thing we have in tigrinya is the proper use of the alphabet and the ability to pronounce the fidel properly the way it was intended to be used in Geez.

When you see the way some Tegaru's speak and use their vocabulary a lot of it resembles Ge'ez. So as Eritreans we should not be arrogant. Not saying that our tigrinya is not right or wrong. But every accent in Tigrinya or colloquial terms have a purpose and usually derives from Ge'ez.

Origins for both Tigrinya speakers from Eritrea and Ethiopia varies. Both have Agew origins, both have Yemeni mixing etc. We are not all that different. But when we stop using politics to change our history. That is when we will see the truth. Eritreans need to understand just because we acknowledge the commonality between Eritrea and Ethiopia it does not affect our identity as Eritreans. It does not mean our struggle for self-determination is a mistake. In history there is always a divide for people. But if you want peace in the horn of Africa we have to recognize we are all one and share a common history.